JavaScript and Maps (in that order)

On Communist.js improved

Two quick notes about Communist.js a library for working with web workers I wrote about in a previous post.

  1. I totally blanked and forgot to put in a license, it’s MIT btw and that’s now reflected.
  2. Added a default function if you don’t specify it that makes it more RPC like, so if you invoke it without an argument, then you can use the method add which takes 2 parameters a name and a function(e.g. var comrade = communist();comrade.add(“name”,function(){};), then when you can do this with multiple functions, the main difference is that the parameters for send are now name of function to evoke, params for function, callback e.g. comrade.send(“name”,param1,param2,…,cb);.

That is all for now, comeback next time for, Communist.js in the wild as I use it for something, or PouchDB, whichever I bother to write first.